Blackberry Market is a fast-casual cafe and bakery and coffeehouse offering up daily handcrafted meals, dinners to-go, premium coffee drinks, memorable baked goods, and a robust catering menu.

We believe in food that is non-processed, handmade, and fresh. We recognize that food is not only a means to nourishment, but an excuse to pause, reflect, and connect with those we love. Blackberry was designed with this in mind – an active space for meaningful conversations alongside healthful and thoughtful food.

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Like our food, we see our space as sacred. It’s a place where friends meet, where meetings are had — and where people are known. It’s a remote office, a third place, and a witness to first dates. We believe that such a space is created through memorable hospitality and an intricate care of the "little things" — the wobbly table, the customer having an off day, the music that’s too soft, or the rogue napkin that’s left behind.

Our Story

Once upon a time... there was a little girl from Arkansas named Anna who loved food. She would follow her mom to the supermarket and badger her with questions about cooking. And as soon as she was old enough to reach the counter, she could be found in the kitchen with a cloud of flour swirling around her.

One of her earliest food memories is picking blackberries near her grandparents’ home in Northwest Arkansas. This is where she first learned to make blackberry pies and jam.

It wasn’t long before Anna was cooking for family and friends — beginning a tradition that continues to this day. And now Anna welcomes the surrounding Chicagoland communities and her hometown of North Little Rock (AR) to her table at Blackberry Market — a place to belong, a place to exhale, to grab a bite, and to connect with someone new (or old).