$30,000+ Raised
900+ Meals Already Delivered
2000+ Additional Meals Scheduled

Hello Friends and Community,

PLEASE READ! We have had numerous customers come in and inquire about helping provide meals for various people groups, including healthcare workers, so we wanted to let you know that we have been coordinating these efforts with local hospitals and donors and will continue to do so.

But we have another opportunity for our customers to help us serve meals to our local homeless community. Through a series of events, we have been made aware of how we can help through local homeless organizations, including DuPage PADS, BEDS PLUS (La Grange), Midwest Veterans Shelter, and 360 Youth. If you’re not familiar with these organizations, we invite you to read via their respective links.


In short, due to the pandemic, the local churches and centers that provide housing and food to our homeless community on a daily basis are unable to provide these spaces for gathering and sheltering (for obvious reasons). This would have resulted in the complete displacement of this community; however, our local organizations have been able to place numerous men, women, and children into housing or care through family and/or volunteers.

Still, there are over 170 people that are in need of shelter throughout the crisis. Thankfully, through various grants and local donors, PADS and BEDS PLUS have been able to move all 170+ into a few different local hotels (minimally) for the next few weeks. Obviously, food is also a need for this community.


We were approached in May by one of our employees (who wishes to remain anonymous), who generously decided to give half of his stimulus check to provide food for those who are in need. We were so moved that we decided to join the efforts and help raise the money and provide lunch for this community each week for the next month (if not longer).


We’re so excited to announce that Parkview Community Church has agreed to step in and match DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR any funds that we could help raise for this relief effort (up to $12,000).


We are committing to provide meals throughout the summer months to every individual that is sheltering with DUPAGE PADS, BEDS PLUS, 360 YOUTH, or MIDWEST VETERANS SHELTER. And while we have raised enough money to provide the first couple of months, we need your help to extend these efforts

We are inviting the Blackberry community to help support this effort (and us at the same time), by helping cover the food costs. The meals that we are providing are around $12 per meal. We are agreeing to cover whatever is not raised, but obviously we would love the help and support of the broader community to cover as much as possible.

Would you be willing to cover a meal? 10 meals? 50 meals? All 130 meals? Volunteer to help deliver or pack?


Due to a number of logistical factors for tax-exemption, we are asking that everyone donate through Parkview’s Relief Fund that is already established. (This will also provide a means for a tax-deductible donation.)

Simply click on the button below, enter the donated amount, and select “Parkview Relief Fund” in the giving type. 100% of the money donated here will go towards providing food for this community. You can also give via Blackberry via the link below if you do not need tax-exempt donation. Please let us know if you have any questions. THANK YOU!


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