Introducing, Blackberry Master Classes!




Stan Everett Drawing

We are excited to announce a new series we are “beta testing” so-to-speak. We are calling it our “Coffeehouse Master Class” series. In short, we realized that we have incredibly talented people right here in our community. We also realized that we have numerous people that are eager to explore an unknown hobby, itch an old interest, or master new skills. Our first class?


Do you doodle during meetings? Have you been jealous of the colleague that does? Well, we’re happy to help engage and exercise that creative side of your brain so that you can have a new distraction tool the next time you’re in that bored (yes, we did) meeting OR… a coffeeshop.

with stan eMMERT

For those of you that frequent Blackberry in Glen Ellyn, you have likely noticed a fairly fit gentlemen sketching on one of the high-tops in the afternoons. This is Stan Emmert. Stan is predominantly known around time as a fitness guru and personal trainer. What most people don’t know about Stan is that he is foremost an artist. Before going full-time as a trainer, Stan worked for numerous years in the advertising and agency world as an illustrator and graphic designer. And while kettle bells and planks may be his vocation these days, Stan continues to hone his drawing skills via whatever appears in front of him – largely in coffeeshops. Well, largely in his favorite coffeeshop!

How does this work?

It’s simple. If you can make the date and time work (which we hope you can work around), sign up! You can register for one-class or all 6 classes. The cost is $16 per class. There is a 15% discount for signing up for all 6 classes. Please note: Blackberry does not take any of the money and will give all proceeds to our Master Teacher. We obviously welcome you to eat and/or drink before, during, or after the class, but this is purely optional. We are excited to simply provide a creative a learning space for the community.


Register Now!

dates + time

All classes will be on a Tuesday from 5:00p until around 6:30p.

  • February 18th
  • February 25th
  • March 3rd
  • March 10th
  • March 17th
  • March 24th



  • Basic Drawing Skills
  • People and Character Sketching
  • (Literally) Coffeeshop Drawing
  • Animal Sketching
  • Whatever Else Shows Up During the Class!



  • Sketch pad / paper (no lines)
  • Something comfortable to write with (pen or sharp pencil)



  • Yes, you can bring an iPad + Apple Pencil and use; however, “digital sketching” will not be taught specifically.
  • We also recommend bringing paper and pencil.
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