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We received a great response to our first round of “Healthy Eats” meals, which were meals specifically designed to provide healthy nutrition while tasting delicious, and didn’t require any cooking! Just because January 1st is behind us doesn’t mean our resolutions should be! So, we’ve decided to continue offering Healthy Eats meals every Tuesday night for the next 6 weeks, including some of your Blackberry favorites, and some new items too!

*NOTE: We have a limited capacity of 100 subscriptions that can be pre-ordered due to kitchen capacity.




Below, select which length of subscription you’d like, and simply choose which meals and what sizes you’d like. Choose Delivery or Pickup for your closest location, and you’re done!


You can also purchase the weekly offerings individually if you prefer to take it week by week. Each meal is $37 and serves 2. (you can purchase more meals for a larger portion).



In tandem with your daily/weekly exercise goals, we are helping support healthy, but tasty, eating habits. So, we’ve prepared meals (available every Tuesday) that pass our “healthy” guidelines. You can eat within these parameters (see below) for only this meal, or every meal, it’s up to you!

Check it out!

Why Healthy Eats?
Why Now?

From Owner, Anna Davidson

I think we can all say that we’re all glad to be leaving 2020 behind us. But, before 2020 emerged, it’s safe to say that life has always had a fair amount of stress and difficulty. Prioritizing our own health and well-being can seem like a distant hope, or even foolish wishful thinking as we drown in the demands of whatever is occurring right now.  

With a New Year upon us and the usual pressure to “start fresh”, “create better habits”, and “cleanse all the bad stuff from our life” staring us down, we may have some newfound energy to double-down on getting around to taking care of ourselves. And, here’s where I usually run into a conundrum…

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Each Meal is Made Up of…

½ Veggies
¼ Protein
¼ Fiber-rich carb source
(whole grain, corn, sweet potato)

NO added sugar!

All meals are Gluten Free and Nut Free!

Each meal serves 2.

Healthy Eats 2021 Individual Meals

Purchase our weekly Tuesday meals to continue 2021 with fresh meals! Each meal serves 2 and help support healthy and tasty eating habits.



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