Philosophy: Healthy Eats

I think we can all say that we’re all glad to be leaving 2020 behind us.  But, before 2020 emerged, it’s safe to say that life has always had a fair amount of stress and difficulty.  Prioritizing our own health and well-being can seem like a distant hope, or even foolish wishful thinking as we drown in the demands of whatever is occurring right now.  

With a New Year upon us and the usual pressure to “start fresh”, “create better habits”, “cleanse all the bad stuff from our life” staring us down, we may have some newfound energy to double-down on getting around to taking care of ourselves.  And, here’s where I usually run into a conundrum.

Isn’t taking care of myself supposed to make me feel better? Have more energy? Less stress?  And yet–this “New Year, New Me” mindset ends up creating more pressure, more stress as I try to navigate all the usual demands of life, work, and family and then carve out time to get in a workout and try all these new healthy recipes!

One of the main objectives I had when I opened Blackberry Market was to support individuals and families.  We do this in many ways, but one of my most important conduits of support is food, of course!  Our grab and go dinners-to-go and our quarantine box dinners have been designed with busy folks who care about great food in mind.  They want to be able to slow down with those they love to enjoy a meal, even when they don’t have time to shop, prep, and cook.

We already have an amazing team of chefs with great experience with all types of cooking, so we put our heads together and came up with a new offering for 2021 that focuses on creating healthier habits.  And here’s the best part–we’re doing all the work for you.  We do the research, the procuring, the prepping, the cooking!  All you have to do is subscribe, pick it up, and reheat!

Now, I need to pause here and emphasize that all of our food at Blackberry Market is thought-full, and health-full.  We cook with whole foods, using scratch ingredients to produce top-notch offerings.  Even that good-ole cinnamon roll has a place in a healthy life-style.  I always say, wouldn’t you rather have a thought-full, conscious, hand-made baked good on occasion, than mindlessly scarf a sleeve of Oreos standing at the kitchen counter?

But–this subscription takes the commitment to conscious healthy choices a few steps further.  Each menu is designed to have half veggies, a quarter protein, and a quarter fiber-rich carb source (think sweet potatoes, corn, quinoa, beans).  And, you won’t even miss it, but we’re eliminating both sugar and gluten from these menus.  There will be some healthy fats (omega 3’s, extra virgin olive oil, tahini, nuts). 

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