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Well, we have been avoiding breaking this news to you, but alas, now is the time. 


As of today, construction will begin for the new “Street Scape” project on Main St. in Glen Ellyn. And while the end results of the project will be quite pleasant, the upcoming months will not be. Add the fact that it is coming literally days after the mask mandate was lifted, well… we feel as if we have been in a 2.5 year ongoing cycle of obstacles, hurdles, and frustrations. 


With this said, we have ultimately been able to sustain business throughout because of YOU and your ongoing and persistent support through each and every hurdle. It is my hope that this is the last major “plea” that we send out, but we do, in fact, want to plead as we are worried that this may be the most difficult of obstacles to overcome. 


What are we asking?

A willingness to look at the sea of orange cones and construction as “slight” inconveniences that only make that determined bite and/or sip all the more enjoyable!


The solution?

There IS plenty of parking available, you simply have to re-train yourself to know where to look as the streets will likely be an absolute mess. Please see our parking map for parking availability.


Will there still be outside seating this summer?

Yes. While the sidewalks may be torn up (at some point), we will always have availability on our back patio and, when available, at various points along Hillside and/or Main.


How long is the project? 

In short, we don’t want to tell you – as it’s quite depressing to hear. However, we are hopeful that we will experience relief from time to time as the project progresses. Our side of Main Street is the first section to be updated. Other downtown streets will be rebuilt over the next two years. For more information, please see the Village’s Street Scape webpage with additional information. 

Regardless of the existing obstacles, we are grateful to be in this community and looking forward to reaping the benefits of this bold project. In the meantime, please do continue to support – not only us – but all of the downtown businesses that will be hit with the project this summer. 


Thank You Tremendously,

Your Friends at Blackberry

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