Tuesdays, Winter, Thanksgiving, and Oh Yeah…

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Today is Tuesday.

I often get asked what our busiest day of the week is?  And subsequently, what is our slowest? While one would likely presume that Monday is our low-day-of-the-week, Tuesday has actually proved to be slower over the years. We have generally attributed this to other local establishments being closed on Mondays and thus providing us with a “slight” bump versus any given Tuesday.

But lately (aside from a few beautiful weekend days), it seems that every day is a Tuesday.

I know. This sounds like a bit of a downer update, but please hear me out for a minute as…

Winter is coming!

Actually, the particular day-of-the-week does not impact our traffic near as much as the weather does. For example, the difference between this past Saturday (gloomy and rainy) and the previous Saturday (sunny) is a whopping 40% decline! And this doesn’t even take into account the impact of that “other thing” that is going on in the world!


(That question is legitimately for me, not you!)

Oh yeah… it’s because we trust you! Sincerely! (I am speaking directly to our faithful customers here for the moment!) We trust that you are “in this” with us! And if I were you (a loyal customer), I would want to know!

Sure, we realize that we are not necessarily “top-of-mind” or anyone’s daily priority in the midst of the busyness of work, family, life, and a global pandemic. And honestly, we don’t want to be!

But we do understand that we have been a safe place for many of you to meetup and share a meal while also sharing about life’s ups and downs… a place that simply plays a rather crucial role in your morning ritual of coffee and caffeine… a place to walk (or drive) downtown with your kids for a special treat (slash any excuse to “get me out of the house!”)… a place that can help make the day just a little easier by picking up some thoughtful food on your way home so you don’t have to cook! 

This, in particular, is why we exist.

but THE WORLD HAS CHANGED, AND we still need your help!

We promise that we will continue to be as creative as possible – both with solutions during this craziness, and with yummy and thoughtful food offerings! We simply ask that you continue to stick with us! Not just on those sunny Saturdays, but on the Tuesdays, the frigid Mondays, the early morning Wednesdays, the late afternoon Thursdays, and the holidays! Speaking of…

should you get your thanksgiving sides from us or the grocery?

Here’s the deal. Your grocery store is going to be here after the pandemic. In fact, I’m guessing their numbers are up significantly! But your local restaurants may not be. How about doing your Thanksgiving shopping with us (or any other local establishment)? We are literally offering “Everything But the Turkey!”

Many local places are doing anything they can to hang on(as we are, particularly in our La Grange location!) through this, but we truly need more than the average community love these days! And honestly, we’ve already been blown away by the continued support! But we do fear it is slipping away in the midst of the emerging winter, new mandates and restrictions, and the ongoing COVID-fatigue!

So, would you be willing to continue your support through these upcoming months?

a few tangible ways that will truly, truly, truly help us survive…

  1. Order to-go! Order online. Order in-store. Order for curbside, for delivery, for breakfast, for lunch, for snack..it doesn’t matter!
  2. Order or pick-up our daily “meals-to-go” that we have in our Grab-N-Go. We offer 2-4 different options per day! You can order online or pickup in-store!
  3. Subscribe to our email list for our weekly “Thursday-Night-Family-Meal-at-Home” announcement!
  4. Too busy or weary to get out? Order online and schedule a delivery! We are rolling this back out for the immediate surrounding areas!
  5. Don’t forget about us when it’s cold!!! We promise, we are MORE THAN HAPPY to make warm drinks to go with your meal!
  6. Purchase gift cards for the holidays! We offer in-store or e-gift cards!
  7. Did we mention ordering for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas!?!


Thanks for being “in this” with us! We are forever grateful!

View Thanksgiving Menu!    Today’s Grab-N-Go!!



This series is written and maintained by Bob Davidson, who is the co-owner of Blackberry Market. His wife, Anna Davidson, is the other half and the “true boss” and primary operator. Bob’s prior occupation was a Creative Producer at a Rule29, a branding and strategic communications agency (responsible for Blackberry’s brand). Bob now focuses on overseeing the writing, branding, and communication needs at Blackberry. 
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