The Mother Behind a Pandemic-y Mother’s Day

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One of the benefits of being responsible for our communications is that I can post without approval from “the boss” – a privilege I’m choosing to exercise here! 🙂



Yesterday marked the 8th Mother’s Day that our entire family has spent helping out at Blackberry. The first Mother’s Day (in 2013), Anna decided to take the day off after five months of non-stop crazy. We thought it would be slow on Mother’s Day – that most people would choose a “sit-down” restaurant over our local cafe. Well…we were wrong.

We received an S.O.S. text by 9:30am. Anna went straight to Restaurant Depot to restock, And I went to the restaurant to help manage the chaos. To be candid, we were short-handed, short on food, and had no idea how to handle the volume of customers that were coming through our doors. We were learning on the fly.


From that first Mother’s Day in 2013 where we broke 300 orders for the first time, we have grown to doing over 1000 orders on Mother’s Day (via two locations). Eight years and a pandemic later, we are still learning on the fly.

700-1000 orders would be a LOT pre-COVID, but when you add in attempting to navigate walk-ins, maintain 6 feet of social distancing, monitor the number of customers in-store at any one time, run curbside pickup, watch for and answer texts (a new reality for our industry), and our first Mother’s Day “Delivery Day,” well, you’re looking at a lot of new problems to solve. 

Believe me, we are SUPER grateful to have these problems and the trust of our community, who are willing to put us in a scenario where we have to figure it out. Thank you for this ongoing support! Seriously!

Sidenote: For the curious, one of the main issues that the local restaurant scene is trying to solve right now is that none of our systems were built to handle 80-90% of our orders online (or phone-in). At Blackberry, takeout has always been peripheral to the dine-in experience. When you are a predominantly dine-in operation, you have a built-in means of throttling the pace of your orders. People wait in a line to place their orders one (or two) at-a-time, which creates a fairly predictable rhythm.

With online ordering, 10-20-30 people can place an order within a few minutes of each other, which will inevitably surge our food lines. Again, a good problem to have! But a problem that we are needing to solve nonetheless. 

(By the way, if you are one of the customers that got caught up in a surge, we want to THANK YOU for your ongoing patience and understanding. If there is anything we need to resolve, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We want to know!)


I am providing all of this context in order to better understand that it truly requires a remarkable human to navigate so many variables and unknowns. And while our entire team deserves the credit for making yesterday (and every day) happen, I am super proud and thankful to have Anna Davidson at our helm. Sure, I’m biased, but hear me out. She comes into our space and business with such a depth of knowledge, confidence, intuition, and decisiveness – all of which are mandatory qualities to run a busy cafe.

In other words, she’s smart and bossy! But in our industry, this is exactly what everyone wants and needs! You need someone who exudes confidence and can direct multiple people in numerous directions – all at once! 

But that’s just the “business-side” of Anna. One of my favorite qualities is actually her ability to rally our entire family to join in on the fun! Yesterday, alongside our fantastic team, we had our own kids + our niece and nephew + Anna’s sister and brother-n-law! 

Thank you to Anna and all of the mothers out there who are juggling so many unknowns and family at the same time! We would be lost without you!


This series is written and maintained by Bob Davidson, who is the co-owner of Blackberry Market. His wife, Anna Davidson, is the other half and the “true boss” and primary operator. Bob’s prior occupation was a Creative Producer at a branding and strategic communications agency (responsible for Blackberry’s brand). As you might guess, Bob now oversees most of the writing, branding, and communication needs at Blackberry. 


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