An Owner’s Perspective: A “Behind the Counter” Series

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Several of you have reached out to us to ask how Blackberry is doing over the last few weeks and many of you have continued to order takeout and support us. For both, we say “THANK YOU!” Without a doubt, it has been quite challenging to continue to run a local business in the midst of a pandemic. As is the case for many, we have had to completely shift the nature of our business. So, rather than keep our heads buried here, we thought we would just share a little bit about our new realities – how and why we are continuing to operate, what’s working, what’s not, and the myriad of (mostly positive) stories we witness day in and day out.

But for today, allow me to start with introductions. For later, we’ll be sharing a little more perspective from “behind the scenes” – or “behind the counter” as they call it in our industry!


In case you don’t know me, I’m Bob.

Anna (my wife of 23+ years) and I own Blackberry Market. And yes, I realize that it’s probably the first thing that you noticed… that we are both palindromes! Anna, who you’ll be hearing from later, and I have three children (19, 17, 13) – and two and-a-half semi-adopted twenty-somethings – all of which work at Blackberry and are immune to child labor laws. More of Anna later, as she is certainly the force behind the operation. But for now…. 

A bit of background about myself. I spent the last 10 years in the branding/agency world as the Creative Producer at Rule29 – the talented team behind our lovely brand, of which we are quite proud. I left Rule29 a year ago (on good terms) in order to help open Blackberry’s second location in La Grange last May, as well as pursue a variety of other ventures. Prior to being at Rule29, I helped start a digital media house called Wonderkind Studios – the entity behind many of our images (including these pics here) and videos. Prior to this, I led, trained, and taught in the non-profit sector, largely immersed in working with adolescents and the local community.

Generally speaking, I now spend my days on problem solving various operational, technical, or customer related issues at Blackberry. As well, I am generally the one thinking through communications and how we are speaking to our customers and representing (or not-representing) our brand – which our staff would say is just my way of playing the “music police”… Fair enough.


Other than providing a little context, we wanted to emphasize that we got into this business in order to create spaces of connection and belonging. And well… although these “spaces” are vastly different these days, the sentiment remains. We believe that true connection occurs when two parties are open, curious and vulnerable – all of which we hope to embody.

In fact, we would certainly love the opportunity to know and understand YOU better. Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself. Ask me your questions. Tell me how we can better serve you.

There is certainly more to come, but for now, we’ll have to leave it at that. And for the curious, here’s the list for the day:


  • Make deliveries
  • Make better signage
  • Print labels for packaging
  • Figure out how to make Toast’s online platform (our POS system) do what I want!
  • Redo our entire phone and texting system (We’re trying to make your pick ups more smooth!)
  • Check the status of the PPP Loan
  • Help figure out easier means of supporting the local healthcare system with food


Thanks for reading.

And for continuing to give us your business. Our team is working hard to figure this all out! Thanks for your patience! 


This series is written and maintained by Bob Davidson, who is the co-owner of Blackberry Market. His wife, Anna Davidson, is the other half and the “true boss” and primary operator. Bob’s prior occupation was a Creative Producer at a branding and strategic communications agency (responsible for Blackberry’s brand). As you might guess, Bob now oversees most of the writing, branding, and communication needs at Blackberry. 


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