Stay, Shelter, and Still Eat Local!

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Friends and Community,

Did you ever imagine we would be at this point? A week ago, no… a couple of days ago… yes. This has been moving fast and we are adapting as quickly as we can. We’ll jump right to it…

As you (hopefully) know, the Governor has initiated the “Stay and Shelter” mandate for the State of Illinois. We are assuming you have a general idea of what that means. What we want to clarify is what that means for local pickup and takeout.

Can I StilL Get Blackberry To-Go?

Yes! We are STILL OPEN (even tomorrow and beyond). The reason we are emphasizing this is that…

  1. This has been our #1 question (please help spread the word) and…
  2. All local restaurant establishments need the communities support right now!


What Has Changed?

For the restaurant industry… nothing has changed that wasn’t already in place this past Tuesday. You can still receive local pickup via walk-in, curbside, or delivery.

All this said, we too are taking this very seriously and are making every attempt to continue what we do best while keeping safety as our number one priority. The reality is that everyone still needs to eat and there is no difference from the safety precautions and protocols that take place at a grocery store versus a restaurant. In fact, one could argue it is safer to pickup from a local restaurant as we have all limited our accessible space considerably.

What we are changing and/or continuing to affirm is the following:

    1. Pickup: We are serious about limiting the amount of people in our space. While the official rule limits 10, we are asking that if you see 6-8 in line or awaiting food, that you please wait outside due to our flow.
    2. Contact-less Pickup and Payments: As of today, we will have mobile payment and self-service credit card options at both locations. We now accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung. We ask that you pay with a credit card in order to limit our cash handling for our employees.
    3. Online Ordering: Thank you for your patience as we have been working out the glitches. We are working hard to keep our site and the Toast To-Go site up-to-date with Grab-N-Go, Meals-To-Go and products and quantities.
    4. Limited (But New) Menus: Due to the minimal staff we now have, we have reduced our menu to some of the more popular items. At the same time, we are developing new product that work better for takeout and at-home meals. The best way to know what these options are to check online and/or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.
    5. SMS/Text Messaging: We are also testing out text updates that you can receive daily (or otherwise) that will list our rotating meal and case options. You can signup via our rewards program to receive these updates. Note: This is not fully rolled out yet.
    6. Curbside: We experienced some technical glitches with our texting option the last few days, but are working to resolve and with a new system. In the meantime, if you text (630.258.9280 (Glen Ellyn) or 630.358.9281‬ (La Grange) and do not get a response, please call the store at either 630.474-9149 (GE) or 708-571-2221 (LG).
    7. Delivery: We tested out delivery this past week and it seems to be working well. If you prefer not to minimize outings, please know that our delivery drivers are our OWN drivers (we don’t use a third-party). They are following the same safety protocols as we are in-store. And honestly, while we won’t be able to handle tons of deliveries immediately, the more delivery orders we receive, the better chance we have on bringing a few of our employees back on payroll.


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