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Friends and Community,

We are overwhelmed by the love and support by those that have stepped up and ordered takeout over the last few days. We have received numerous questions on social media regarding different ways you can help. We decided to put together a list of practical ways below. But before we share, we wanted to be transparent and clear regarding what you are supporting.

Helpful Reading

This week, The Atlantic did a nice write-up on why it’s important to step-in and support the restaurant industry at this time.

“Restaurants in a pandemic are like beachfront properties in a hurricane. Their devastation is both a tragedy and an omen of greater havoc to come. Already operating at paper-thin margins, restaurants face the loss of their entire dine-in business, but they will still have to make rent. This is our great economic crisis in a nutshell: Consumers are vanishing, but financial obligations are not… “

Read the entire article…

What am I Supporting?

  1. Jobs on Jobs on Jobs. We employee 115 wonderful human beings. And like many of our fellow restauranteurs, we see our staff as extended family. Currently, we are maintaining all of our full-time employees as long as we can. We have also been able to employee some of our seasoned part-time staff. The more revenue, the more of these employees we can bring back on shifts – minimally with partial hours.
  2. Existence. While we are committed to weathering this crisis and have no plans of disappearing, we are making every attempt to be wise in our approach. Yes, reducing all non-essential expenses and costs. And yes, sadly, we are having to remove shifts for a significant portion of our hourly employees. This is merely a reality of knowing that our best shot at re-hiring our team is to survive and come out on the other side.
  3. Morale. We saw it today. Our team lights up when they see someone swoop in for their pre-packed to-go bag and give a quick “You guys are great!” Thank you!
  4. Local and Global Economy. It seems that we are all getting a bit of a refresher course in Macro and Micro-Econ lately. And put simply, our economy thrives when money is spent. Sales allows a business to exist, which allows jobs to be had, which means money is earned, which allows money to be spent and subsequently put back into the economy.


So, How Can I Help?

  1. Order Food To-Go. While this seems obvious, we want to emphasize how essential this piece of the puzzle is. Our business sustains itself through food sales. Yes, we do a lot of coffee drinks, etc… but this is a relatively small portion of the overall business. In other words, come in for a cup of coffee, but leave with food!
  2. Order Gift Cards. This is an easy way to give any business an influx of cash while still maintaining value for future services rendered. Available online here for an immediate digital receipt. Or in-store pickup (for actual card).
  3. Tip. 100% of our tips are being placed in a fund that will support employees that have lost their shifts completely.
  4. To Delivery or Pickup? We have had numerous customers ask if it is helpful to get delivery. Frankly, the important thing is to order at all and whatever solution makes sense for your particular scenario works for us. We certainly love seeing people pop in and out for a pickup order (again, morale). But also, if we can build enough volume regarding delivery, we can re-hire an employee or two to run deliveries (again, jobs). Please note: We are using our own management team to deliver at this time and have no plans for utilizing a third-party delivery service. The main reason for this is that their fees (albeit some are waived for the time being) are around 30% of the total sale. Here, other than very specific circumstances, we lose money.
  5. Own a Company? Represent a Group? Order for Your Office. We have had a few companies or “local groups” call us in support by buying their office lunch-at-home. We will setup a house account and allow any of your employees to stop-in or order online. Just one of these in a day is a HUGE boost. Thank you!
  6. Order From Other Restaurants. It’s not just us feeling the pinch, it’s all local restaurants. We are working on a list to share that includes the various offerings available. We are committed to working together. Stay tuned.
  7. Other ideas? Feel free to share here!


Again, thank you for your continued love and support!

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